Laboratório de Curadoria / Curators' Lab-0

Editora: Guimarães 2012 Capital Europeia da Cultura; Autores: AA. VV.; Design: barbara says..., Pedro Nora e Flatland design

Laboratório de Curadoria / Curators' Lab

“This book, as an editorial product, constitutes an integral part of Curators’ Lab programmatic framework. It condenses contributions that rather than trying to illustrate the alignment of the Lab’s events, attempt to create a new object of reflection, a set of pages in which visual and textual essays are tested, derive from the Lab’s experience, extend it and make it persist over time, even though they could never restage, reproduce or capture it. This book is thus the final moment in the programme of Curators’ Lab, once again expressing an interconnected form of working between designers, curators, artists and the team that, in an editorial retreat spanning several months, provided a paginated form to a set of ideas, concepts and moments, translated into the experience of a book.” 
Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro

Autores: AA. VV.
Editora: Guimarães 2012 Capital Europeia da Cultura
Design: barbara says..., Pedro Nora e Flatland design

Gráfica: Norprint
Tiragem: 750
ISBN: 978-989-98292-5-1